National Poetry Month PREP ~ Gather the Family!

Celaine Charles surprised me with this Poetry-Month-Prep post and it’s not even my birthday. Thank you, Celaine. She is author of the forthcoming YA novel Seam Keepers.

Here’s a little more about Seam Keepers.

Steps In Between

In honor of National Poetry Month, happening in April, I am reposting a mighty blog to help set the mood.

Make a Poem at Home, from author, Pamela Hobart Carter, shares eleven lessons on writing poetry with children and families…or anyone of any age. She’s added several new lessons since my original post, so it’s a must read.

Gather your family, some pencils and paper, and click this link:

My challenge is to involve the whole family in the process of poetry writing. There is no wrong way to write a poem!

My hope is to encourage some family writing FUN…reciting, and sharing poetry all April long! I welcome families to share their created works in the comments below, and/or in your own social media!

Check back throughout April, for shared poetry in the comments below, as well as new posts celebrating National Poetry Month, and Poem in…

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